Our architects and engineers make sure that they work closely with construction managers throughout the construction period, to ensure that all work complies with building safety regulations, and with your specifications, to guarantee that, in the highest quality, your projected project is accomplished.

The Enggroup Construction Team is a mix of skilled builders, masons, decorators and masters of various fields. Each of the leading members of our construction teams has more than ten years of experience.

Their expertise starting from the main structural reconfigurations and excavations, to work with buildings with complicated structures, where they also include certified expertise in electrical and hydraulic and mechanical qualifications.

They are a close team, which communicates closely with each other and with our architects & engineers, to ensure that the end result meets the requirements, and actualizes the project’s ambitions.

Enggroup performs all types of constructions and renovations of various construction facilities such as: Educational Facilities, Business Facilities, Health Facilities, Sports, Cultural and Recreational Objects as well as those of Infrastructure, Urban projects, Central heating cogeneration projects, etc.

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