About Us
Enggroup L.L.C. has been established on 2005. Since then itís operating continuously with high dedication, determination, professional management and continues investments for more advanced knowledge. This persistence has become a generator of our success.
Company Vision
Enggroup L.L.C. is being led by young engineers with high dedication for Company, advanced with its main aim to accomplish consumerís requests.

Company staff of all main activities Design, Construction and Supervision accomplishes all consumersí requests with high dedication and professionalism.

Our main aim is to offer qualitative solutions for the upcoming consumerís requests, which are always higher and higher with talented and dedicated individuals in order to fulfill such requirements. The most importance for our Company is that our consumers are happy with our products and services. The following web pages outline our strategy, the expertise of our staff and inherited values are unified in order to create healthy environment, unified and stable community for all employees.